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ALP Engine errors
(The information here is developer oriented)
The ALP Engine errors are shown whenever a problem occurs that prevents the normal processing of the request. These errors are most often result of a wrong configuration, omission or a broken URL. The error descriptions on this site list the most probable causes for each error.

1 (0x1) Incorrect URL syntax
2 (0x2) Default directory configuration failed to load
3 (0x3) Default application configuration failed to load
4 (0x4) Default site configuration failed to load
5 (0x5) Configuration load error
6 (0x6) Failed to map URL to a local path
7 (0x7) Internal engine error
8 (0x8) Incompatible host/browser
9 (0x9) Unsupported POST encoding
10 (0xA) Failed to load content generator libraries
11 (0xB) Can not find content generator for the case
12 (0xC) Resource not found
13 (0xD) Failed to create registered Content Generator for the resource
14 (0xE) Content Generator doesn't support required jack
15 (0xF) Unknown thread policy for the resource handler
16 (0x10) Failed to marshal the request
17 (0x11) Request refused by the Content Generator
18 (0x12) Internal stream overflow
19 (0x13) Failed to start thread for the Content Generator component
20 (0x14) Execution of the module forbidden at this location and read access is not granted.
21 (0x15) Read access denied at this location
22 (0x16) Failed to initialize COM in the worker thread
23 (0x17) Page expired
24 (0x18) (reserved)
25 (0x19) (reserved)
26 (0x1A) (reserved)
27 (0x1B) (reserved)
28 (0x1C) ALPFrame browser is required.
29 (0x1D) Newer ALPFrame browser required.
30 (0x1E) Invalid or missing ALP Application ID
31 (0x1F) Safe entrance required.
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