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ALP Engine Core Downloads

Download ALP run-time files
Download this package if you want to run ALP based applications and you are not going to develop software based on ALP. Contains only the vital parts of ALP engine without documentation, samples and development tools. Size ~700KB self extract installation package - download and run.

Download ALP Full package
Download this package if you want not only run ALP based applications but also develop, port, adapt applications to run under ALP. Conatains documentation, samples, tools for software developers. Size 3.3MB self extract installation package - download and run. If you prefer a ZIP archive instead of self-extract, download ALP.ZIP (4.8MB).

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How to Install and license ALP on your machine.

To install ALP minimal distribution in order to run applications download this package:

Open it and follow the instructions. If you have some ALP version already installed you may be asked for permission to replace some files. You can safely accept that and press the "Yes to All" button.

To license your machine to run any ALP application you need a LOCAL ALP license. If you want to buy one you can do so through RegNet. You can read the notes and the standard ALP license agreement here.

If you already have a license, go to Start menu, Programs, newObjects, ALP and open the "ALP Viewer (ALP Frame)". Then follow the "Register ALP" link. There is also an "ALP Licensing" link in the same program group which will lead you directly to the ALP registration.

Once there follow the instructions, if the machine being licensed is connected to the Internet we recommend you use the automatic licensing which is fast and easy.

The ALP applications vendors usually pack their applications with ALP. On the other hand there are many cases in which the applications are built by individuals or small companies, also there are vendors producing a number of small applications for which it is impractical to pack each application with ALP. In such cases you may have been instructed to download and install the ALP redistribution files on your machine.

ALP setup does not install or replace any system files. There is absolutely no possibility to harm your system by installing Active Local Pages. All the files and materials included in the ALP install package are created by newObjects - there  are no elements in ALP with unknown or untested functionality. Therefore ALP cannot contain any virus or malicious code.

If you prefer to download the ALP redistribution as a ZIP file you can download ALPRedist.zip. After the download unpack it (preserving the directory structure), run ALPInstall.exe and follow the instructions.

How to use the ALP applications

Of course this depends on the developer's decision, but still there are quite many common traits shared by the ALP applications.

Most often the applications will ship with a setup that will install shortcuts to them in the start menu and you will need just to go there and click them.

Some (mostly small) programs may be packed without setup. Such applications would be most often archived in some kind of archive (ZIP, RAR or a self-extracting EXE). In such case you would ned to unpack them in an empty directory, preserving the directory structure from the archive. As a rule the directory where the application is unpacked would contain a file named alp.site - it may look like this:


Open that file to start the application (double click it).

If you want to create a shortcut to such an application - create shortcut to this file - drag it with the right mouse button and drop it in the location where you want to create shortcut (for example on the desktop). Then choose create shortcut.


Contract ALP development

If you are company or organization that needs a specific application to be developed for you - you can contract a development with our partners or with us.

You can review the list of the developers offering ALP development on this page.

Why contract ALP application development? 

newObjects Active Local Pages offers simple yet powerful application development opportunities. The ALP development almost always costs less then the same project built using another programming tools and techniques. With no additional efforts the application can be designed to work locally on ALP and on a WEB server (Microsoft IIS). Therefore if you need this you can get an application that can be used on stand-alone machines and on shared server without added costs!

The ALP applications run on all the desktop Windows platforms and you will not need to be concerned about the compatibility with old machines or compatibility with future Windows versions. Any Windows machine with a CPU on 150MHz or more and 32 MB ram and more will be suitable for a common ALP application.

The licensing costs are low and fully predictable. If you have small number of machines, buying ALP LOCAL licenses for them in one turn will give you substantial discount. For example licensing the machines to run any ALP application will cost:

1 machine - $15
5 machines - $60
10 machines - $100
20 machines - $160
50 machines - $350

Note that the ALP LOCAL license gives you permission to use ALP with any ALP application. Thus any consequent ALP application developed for the same machines will not add any additional ALP licensing costs.

If you have much greater number of machines you can buy a DEVELOPER license which costs $320 and instruct the developer who builds your project(s) to import it into the application(s). This will allow you use all the ALP projects built for you for a one-time price of $320 on any number of machines.

The DEVELOPER license also gives you permission to distribute ALP based applications - you can sell, license them to other consumers with no added or hidden costs with the ALP engine bundled in the retail product.

What kind of applications can be built using ALP?

First of all consider the fact that when an organization starts a software project it may serve two different purposes:

A new application that performs tasks you need on its own only.

An application that integrates with another software you already use.

ALP can be used in the both cases. ALP applications can integrate/interoperate with virtually all the COM enabled software products which gives unlimited opportunities for integration and interoperation. If you see in ALP an opportunity to implement some tasks that are part of a greater software infrastructure this is possible virtually always and will most likely require less efforts from the developers than another solution.

From the technical point of view ALP is best suited for any scenario where form-based applications are employed. Even if the expected application functionality goes further - need of background asynchronous processing, network connectivity - the ALP applications will be able to cope with this easily. Therefore some of the areas where ALP will be the best choice are:

  • Accounting applications
  • Resource management
  • Information and infrastructure management
  • Presentations for clients
  • Tools for distributors, resellers and other associates.
  • Various system and business utilities
  • Tear-off applications - i.e. tools able to work both in your IT infrastructure and stand-alone - with possible synchronization/actualization.
  • Special solutions for small and/or remote offices.
  • Expert systems
  • Education tools and products
  • References, catalogs and other active tools your employees may need to use even when they are not connected to your organization's network.

Adding the ability to run the same application stand-alone and on IIS in many cases you may have the same software serving in the developed network of the big offices/headquarters and separate machines or small offices. This gives a special opportunity - to plan a project that will remove the requirement for dedicated connection between your offices and thus lower the connectivity costs indirectly.  



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